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Listen to Tammy MacKinnon, our Executive Director, as she shares about Hope House with Paul Schurman of Spud FM.


Once you choose hope, anything is possible

Our Mission: To provide caring support & housing for mothers and infants in need; empowering them to create a healthy and sustainable family life.

HOPE HOUSE IS NOW OPEN!  We welcomed our first residents on April 1st, 2024.

The Island Pregnancy Centre is excited to announce our new initiative - HOPE HOUSE Mother's Home.  This new home is located in Summerside and is available to women all across PEI who need this support.  The new facility provides supportive housing where moms and babies can remain together while learning to create a healthy family environment.

Hope House provides support & care for mothers to build healthy relationships, learn life skills and parenting education, seek resources for mental health, continue their education and further their personal development in order to thrive as a family and safely live independently. Our Home provides space for 5 moms and 5 babies and is be staffed 24/7 by caring and experienced staff.

We hope you'll feel inspired to get involved and join us as we welcome our mothers and babies.  Take a sneak peek inside the Mother's Home with the photos below.  


Who will use Hope House?

Any mom-to-be/mom-with-an-infant who recognizes she would benefit from parenting/life skills/housing support and is looking to make positive life changes.  This service is available for women all across PEI. 

What is Hope House?

Hope House has 5 individual bedrooms designated for mothers and babies.  One unit will be specifically designated as a family unit, capable of housing a single mother with an infant and older child(ren).  The family unit can also be used as 2 individual rooms if there is not a family using it. One unit will be reserved for Indigenous mothers.  Each room has a bed, crib, nightstand, double closet, lamp and curtains.  The upstairs is open-concept with a kitchen and small sitting area. Upstairs has 2 full bathrooms, laundry facilities and a staff room.  The lower level (main level of Centre) has a living room area, large playroom, kitchen & eating area, 2 washrooms and a staff area. 

When will it open?

Hope House opened April 1st and welcomed its first residents.

Where is Hope House located?

Summerside.  Hope House is within walking distance to parks, boardwalk, waterfront and many shops, restaurants, churches, and other community organizations.

Why is Hope House necessary?

Women who are already struggling with mental health challenges/addictions/homelessness/lack of support/unhealthy relationships will struggle even more after giving birth if there are no adequate supports in place to help them.  Hope House will provide this support to both mom and baby. 

Research shows it is the best option for moms and infants to stay together if it is safe to do so.  The more emotionally and physically a mother can be present for a child in the early years, the better the chance that child will be emotionally healthy and mentally well.  It is critically important for the baby’s brain development that they receive loving and sensitive nurturing.

We believe women deserve access to clean, safe housing, medical advice (our on-call RN), mental health supports, and a variety of other support so they can establish a healthy and sustainable life for themselves and their infants. 

In addition, each year PEI has between 7-12 babies (0-24 months) placed into foster care. Hope House may be able to provide an alternative for approximately 25% of these babies (and their mothers) who would otherwise be placed in foster care.

Hope House is the only Mother’s Home on PEI specifically focused on helping moms and infants with a supportive, long-term solution in healthy parenting.

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Mother and Baby on Floor

We need
to support
our moms

Your financial gift is necessary to launch this initiative and provide resources and support for our moms and their babies. Click on the button below to give securely through Canada Helps. Thank you for supporting this exciting and essential initiative!

There are other ways you can be part of this exciting initiative!

Email to learn how YOU can become involved.

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