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Pregnancy/Infant Loss Support

In partnership with Andrea Slysz (By The Sea Counselling) our Centres offer professional care for clients facing pregnancy or infant loss, or those requiring additional counselling support.

Andrea is a wife, mom to 6, Nanni to 5, and a registered nurse. She recently completed a diploma in counselling from the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling. This education, coupled with three decades of experience as a registered nurse, has equipped Andrea with the capacity to offer authentic compassion to women needing care.

By The Sea Counselling offers genuine care and compassion to women of all ages who find themselves feeling isolated and overwhelmed while navigating through difficult changes and/or challenging seasons of their lives.  Andrea's approach introduces clarity and self-motivation while helping her clients develop tools and techniques to manage stress and anxiety in a safe and comfortable place.

We also partner with a mom, Lokki, who has experienced baby loss.  She is able to meet one-on-one or host group support.

Lokki is a mom of three kiddos, two living and one who died at birth. She became a bereaved parent in 2016 when she and her partner lost their first child at 36 weeks.

She found attending peer support groups and talking to other bereaved parents helped her cope with the immense pain of loss.

In 2019 she became a volunteer for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Network in Toronto. She supported bereaved families by facilitating peer support groups and 1 on 1 phone support. In 2020 she became an educator with Sunnybrook Hospital and co-facilitated compassionate care workshops to help professionals make a positive difference in the care they provide to bereaved families. Lokki is honoured to bear witness to the stories of bereaved families and hopes to continue improving the care they receive.  Lokki is now living in Summerside, PEI and is able to meet in person and through zoom for those seeking this support.

For more information, please call 902-370-3700 or email

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