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What Do We Do?

Free Pregnancy Testing

We have learned most women (and men) like to have someone with them when they take that first pregnancy test - especially when they weren't planning on getting pregnant. We provide free pregnancy tests and support during this time.


Options Information

Unexpected pregnancy can be very stressful & overwhelming. It’s important women and men are able to have the correct information, peer support and time to work through their emotions so they can make the best choice. We offer a safe environment for a woman to make a pregnancy decision that is fully informed, evidence-based, consistent with her belief system, and free from external influence. We provide her with accurate information on all three options: abortion,placing for adoption, and parenting.  


Intake Follow-ups

We provide follow-up for each new client.  This follow-up is usually done within 2-3 weeks of the original intake and is meant to check in and see how the client is doing and if they need further support.


Adoption Support

We provide information and ongoing support for parents who choose to place their child for adoption.  This support is provided before and after the birth of their baby. Birth parents can choose an open, partially open or closed adoption process.  They can have a say in who adopts their child.


Abortion Support

We offer a safe, nonjudgmental, and confidential environment to express and work through the option of abortion.  We are not a medical facility and we do not provide or arrange for abortions. We also offer post abortion support - although many women feel some relief after an abortion, others may have negative emotions. These reactions may be immediate or may occur years later. We provide one-on-one and/or group support for those who want additional support after an abortion.


Postpartum Wellness Check

One month after a baby is born, we schedule a visit for mom to -come in and meet with our Client Care Director.  This appointment gives us the opportunity to touch base with our new moms to see how they are doing, how baby is doing, if they need extra support and if they are at risk for postpartum depression (Edinburgh Scale).  If they are at risk, we refer them to the Women's Wellness Centre, their family doctor or our professional counselor.


Pregnancy/Baby Loss Support

We offer professional counseling services and/or peer support for women who have miscarried or whose babies are stillborn or die after birth.

Parenting Programs

Different parenting topics are discussed and it provides the opportunity to meet other moms and/or dads and learn more about parenting.  Topics include toddler/infant sickness, sleep, budgeting, anger management, and successful family living (meal planning, family fun, household chores, etc.).  Each session also reviews topics such as joy, friendship, stress, upcoming seasons of life, asking for help, etc. Snacks are provided for moms and children.  Child care is provided free of charge.  We partner with Early Childhood Development Association of PEI to provide these parenting programs.

Necessity Items

We provide diapers, wipes and baby formula weekly for families in need. We provide diapers and/or pull-ups for children ages 0-36 months and a bag of wipes per family each week.  Formula is provided for children 0-12 months and can be picked up each week as needed.  This service is for families facing financial hardship.


Baby Boutique

We have a beautiful space set up as a boutique where moms and dads can shop for free.  Our Boutqiue is set up to accomodate needs for pregnancy as well as children NB-36 months. Everything in our shop is washed and cleaned.  We provide anything and everything related to maternity and baby/kids items up to age 36 months.  We provide clothing, shoes/boots, toys/books, baby blankets, bottles, nursing supplies, maternity clothes and small baby equipment (baby bouncy seats, bathtubs, bumbos, baby monitors, etc).  We carry infant to size 5 children's clothing as well as women's maternity and regular clothing and shoes.


Big Items Needs List

We provide gently used, clean and safe baby equipment to families in need.  These items are considered very important for families to have to care for their baby/young child.  Items include bassinets, highchairs, jumperoos, baby swings, baby gates, playpens and strollers.  This service is for families facing financial hardship.


Car Seat Program

We provide infant car seats.  We ensure each seat is safe and clean through a very detailed screening process.  We have a licensed car seat technician install every carseat safely into our client's vehicle.  This service is for families facing financial hardship.

Breast Pump Program

We have 3 hospital grade Medela breast pumps that we loan out to clients who can't financially afford to purchase their own.  These pumps are clean, safe and free to our clients.  We provide new tubing kits to each client to ensure 100% hygiene safety.  


Professional Counseling Services

We’ve partnered with Andrea Slysz of "By the Sea" counseling to provide counseling to our clients who need more directed support than what our staff can offer.  We can provide up to 4 free sessions to clients who need this extra service. 


Hope House Mother's Home

This new home will be at our Summerside Centre and will be available to women all across PEI who need this support.  The new facility will provide supportive housing where moms and babies can remain together while learning to create a healthy family environment.

Hope House will provide support & care for single mothers to build healthy relationships, learn life skills and parenting education, seek resources for mental health, continue their education and further their personal development in order to thrive as a family and safely live independently. Our Home will provide space for 5 moms and 5 babies and will be staffed 24/7 by caring and experienced staff.

Community Referrals and Resources

We have an extensive network of community resources and we provide all information and follow up in referring clients to these resources.  These include community organizations like Anderson House, Public Health, Food Banks, Social Assistance, Best Start, Family Resource Centres, CHANCES, IRSA (PEI Newcomers Association), and many more.

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